Merry Christmas!

Our Systema training year is now finished.

Saturday’s “emergency class” closed out 2015 with some powerful student insights.

Thanks to everyone who made it out.  Fun time!

In case you missed it, or already left down for vacation, Saturday’s class was a preview of what I will be covering in out next Systema Quarterly Workshop on Saturday February 6th, 2016.

The workshop will address and replace some of the “bad habits” I have seen Systema students succumb to and fail to realize in their training.

“2 For Flinching”: The Seminar February 6th, 2016

Registration is now open AND I have an Early Christmas present for you.


Click on the coupon to register BEFORE JANUARY 1ST, 2016 to claim your Christmas present.

Please let us know the names of the two participants, as you will pay the regular price and bring two people to the seminar.

Alternately, you can register, then print out the coupon and present it in person.

See you on the mat!

P.S. If you need further assistance, please contact Michelle at 303-485-5425.