Quarterly Seminars

Quarterly Seminars for Long-Distance Students, People From Other Martial Arts Who Want to Cross-train, and Regular Systema Students

Systema Colorado holds Quarterly Systema Seminars for “Long-Distance Students” — who cannot make our weekly classes — from Colorado and from neighboring states.

Each Workshop focuses on one aspect of Systema, ultimately integrating it into the whole of Systema. The purpose is to give you a “Structured Approach to an Unstructured Art.”

You will:

1) Be TAUGHT Systema Principles in “Plain English” — in the simplest and clearest terms so you have a clear understanding of the PURPOSE behind the DRILLS and EXERCISES.

2) Then have time to TRAIN with partners of all shapes and sizes while IMMERSED in a Creative, Exploratory Environment.

3) Be given constructive, CORRECTIVE FEEDBACK beyond “breathe” and “relax.”

4) Have a chance to TEST Yourself to make sure the Training has ingrained the Teaching into your body and brain.

When you leave the Seminar you will have a PLAN to implement with your training partners or group when you return home.


See you on the mat,

Brad Scornavacco, Head of School

P.S.  You can also Call 303-485-5425 or email office@systemacolorado.com for more information on our upcoming seminars.




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