One of the Best Teachers and Most Effective Communicators

I have had the opportunity to train with Brad Scornavacco several times over the last four years. On each occasion, Mr. Scornavacco demonstrated a remarkable level of skill and subtlety.

Brad’s physical prowess alone would have been sufficient to distinguish him among martial artists, but additionally he is one of the best teachers and most effective communicators that I have personally encountered in any field of endeavor. He conducts his classes with a unique combination of humor, wit, and humility that puts students at ease regardless of their individual backgrounds.

As a professional engineer, I can attest that Brad has an exceptional grasp of applied mechanics, that he uses to remove the mystery and esoteric mumbo-jumbo that all too often plagues martial arts practice. Instead, Brad consistently presents simple and fundamental underlying principles that accelerate learning and impart practical understanding.

I cannot recommend Brad’s classes highly enough, and I am very much looking forward to his next seminar.

Jeff Kestin