Colorado Systema

If you are looking for a Colorado Systema and Russian Martial Art School then we are  your premier source for Mikhail Ryabko/Vladimir Vasiliev-lineage Systema.

Systema Colorado offers a complete martial arts education “based on the training of the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz).”

Here are just some of the topics we teach:

  • Knife Defense & Knife Use
  • Gun Disarming
  • Escape from Holds
  • Fighting from the Ground
  • Defense against Mass Attacks
  • Bodyguard Training and 3rd Party Protection
  • Striking and Strike Dissipation
  • Joint-Lock Escapes & Dynamic Joint-Breaks
  • Systema Breathing
  • Russian Healing & Tissue Annealing
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Kick Defense

All of our training is hands-on so feel free to come on in and watch a class, but it is always better to participate as that is the fastest way to have all your questions answered.

See you on the mat,

Brad Scornavacco, Head of School