Gun Disarming Systema Seminar in May!

Our next Systema Seminar will be a one-day workshop on Saturday May 17th, 2014.

I thought of doing something different for this workshop.

In the past, I have had requests to hold the seminar outdoors.

Now that I have plenty of room on my own property —  a couple of acres — I figure it would be a good idea to train in my side yard.

The topic we would like to cover is GUN DISARMING & WEAPON RETENTION, handguns and rifles, using simulated ammunition.

Registration  is officially open.

You can reserve your spot at the school or call Michelle at 303–485–5425.

See you at my place,


P.S.  The Early-Bird Special is only $99 before May 1st.

P.P.S. BBQ to follow the seminar!


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