iRenew? Really? Come on now!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile now and I finally can’t put it off any longer.

Somehow I got on the channel with the incessant info-mercials we all know and love, but this one caught me eye for its audacity and blatant misleading demonstrations.  Now, I bought some Ron Popeil knives years ago and I have to admit I still use the steak knives and cleaver.  That was actually worth the money, believe it or not.

But the iRenew?  Come on…

Have you seen this thing?  It’s a bracelet that is supposed to give you some sort of super-strength, blah, blah, like Wonder Woman or something.

Whatever ju-ju its supposed to have with its super-duper waves, it is also supposed to keep you standing up when someone pulls down on your arm.

These demos floored me.

In one demo, the person is wearing the iRenew and the demonstrator tells them how powerful it is.  Then, he pulls down on their arm, straight down into their support.  MAGICALLY, the iRenew keeps them from falling.

(eyes rolling)

Then, the guy pulls the unsuspecting person’s arm  — the one without the iRenew — down and back so you can see that they will fall backward.  For a trained Systemist it is glaringly obvious he is pulling in a different direction to pull people off-balance, iRenew or no iRenew bracelet.


I even had to show Karla and as soon as I pointed it out she could see it too.

What a scam!

Parlor tricks.  Bah.

If that guy would have tried that on me I’d have adjusted my tension and put HIM on the floor.


Want some REAL “iRenew”?  Get to the next Systema Breathing Workshop on the 19th.

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