My Triumphant (?) Return

Thursday was my “triumphant”(?) return to teaching Systema after the birth of my daughter Petra. Time away always make me think long and hard about both Systema and how I can best help my students improve their Systema.

I get a good laugh at what has become the standard Systema talk, e.g. “breathe”, “relax” or “move.” Student Steve Osborn knows I take piano lessons, so he is fond of saying, “yeah, and all you have to do is hit the right keys and the right time.” See, this stuff is much easier said than done, and just because you can say it doesn’t mean you can do it.

One glaring challenge most students have is rooting and not moving. “Move” doesn’t always work as a teaching device, so while away I came up with a obvious solution–so obvious I’ve never seen anyone teach it.

So I experimented in class to see if I could overcome this rooting/non-moving issue.


At only ONE point in class did ANYONE ROOT…and he was just taking a break while explained something. Tyler even commented that after our class, “it just felt unnatural NOT to move.”

Mission Accomplished!

In case you missed it, we’ll do some more of this work in class before the break…AND…I’ll teach some of it in Chicago when I teach there in April. Speaking which, I got a bit of feedback that Paul Trout sent me. I just had to share this…

“Hope all is going well. Was on Warrior Talk today, and saw the following(from your friend Gun Mutt)

Take care,

‘Systema w/Martin Wheeler 4/10 & 11. Martin Wheeler, Brad Scornavaco & WT’s own Al McLuckie will be instructing at
a two day seminar in Evergreen Park, IL, on April 10 & 11. The hosting dojo’sphone number is (708) 499-1500.

I am led to understand that this may be Martin Wheeler’s last seminar in the midwest for while as opportunities on the west coast will be his primary focus. Al McLuckie is the instructor everyone in our Indianapolis Systema Group trains under & we can all attest to his ability. Brad Scornavaco is simply a ruthless bastard when it comes to workouts & the ground game.'”

So you can’t make it to Chicago?

No sweat. I always take care of my students, so I’m flying Martin out to Systema Colorado for a 2-day Weekend Workshop:

Get your “Systema Booster Shot” on February 27th and 28th when Martin Wheeler returns to Colorado for a weekend workshop covering Movement and Striking as well as ground-fighting against multiple opponents.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Register before December 23rd and pay only $275!

WARNING: Due to the size of our school and the nature of the work, Martin will be covering, ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. My students will certainly take up as many spaces as they can so if you are from out of town, I strongly urge you to register ASAP. CALL MICHELLE R 303-485-5425 and register NOW!

Make a Vacation out of it too! We’re “hitting the slopes” after the seminar for some R and R. Come join the fun. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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