November Seminar, “Systema: From the Inside Out”

Registration for the next Weekend Systema Colorado Seminar with Brad Scornavacco and Al McLuckie, two of the earliest Certified Systema Instructors in the USA, is now open!

“Systema: From the Inside Out” will be two solid days of  internal training, manifesting into external combat skills.

  • Prepare your body for smooth, efficient motion to Move with Total Freedom, no matter how your attacker tries to tie you up.
  • Learn the 3 Ways to React when facing a threat…and which is The Best Way to Move.
  • Tap into your INTUITION and learn to discover INSIGHTS into new ways to solve combat problems.
  • The proper role and use of FEAR and ANGER in conflict
  • Why taking a “hands-off” approach to your training will give you higher skills and allow you to progress faster than ever!
  • How to handle different types opponents — Jittery, Rock-Solid, and Slippery — and the different methods you need to defeat each

We will use many weapons in our training — short sticks, long sticks/rifles, knives and possibly handguns — so please bring your training weapons.

You can now register online, using the following link.


AND USE THE CODE: INSIDEOUT for $100 OFF by October 15th, 2015.