Systema Class Notes – Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

Theme for this cycle: Movement and Flow
Area of Focus: Form/Posture

Class Objective(s):
1. We’re going to continue the constant movement and focus on maintaining proper form
2. To maintain form, we’re going to work on keeping our arms close to the body and
3. Using the initial contact point as the pivot and first center of gravity
4. Feet need to be moving all the time

Breathing Exercises:
1. Wheelbarrows
2. Fireman’s carry
3. Bear Crawls
4. Crab Walk

Joint Mobility Exercises:
1. Rolling shoulder push-ups
2. Spiral squats

Work Specific Strengthening Exercises:
1. Rolling with a partner (both rolling at the same time)

Drills (tested most of this on Wed, 13 Mar 2013) – all of these drills need to be done slowly:
1. 1 on 1 – one partner is leading and the other is staying close and in sync – we’re not trying to step on feet now – both people get a chance to lead
2. 1 on 1 – the leader is walking at the other who is backing up, pivoting, coming alongside and placing a hand on the body
3. 1 on 1 – the attacker holds a knife and walks at the other (who is keeping their arms at their sides) – move out of the way, come along side, and put hand on body (no hands on the knife)
4. Same as #3, only you can meet the knife hand and pivot on that
5. Just like #4, except the attacker is going to start thrusting with their arm as well as moving in with their feet – move the knife hand, come along side, put hand on body
1. maintaining contact with the knife hand allows you to feel the changes when they start the next attack – point out the back of the elbow as well
2. Point out it’s better to move away from the knife and to have them between you and the blade

Self Defense Applications:
1. Dealing with the knife attacks in sync with the attacker
1. The attacker won’t realize things are going south
2. You stand a greater chance of not being injured
3. It allows you to remain emotionally calm

1. This is the end of the first half of this cycle. We’ve looked at movement and flow through all 4 of the core principles: Breathing, Moving, Relaxation, and Form.
2. Next week is integration/review week – we’ll be expanding this work into the never-ending spiral of Systema and reviewing anything you feel is lacking

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