Systema Class Notes – Thursday, 31 Jan 2013

Theme for this cycle: Moving and Striking with a Weapon
Area of Focus: Review/Validation

Class Objective(s):

  1. We will test our training from this cycle

Breathing Exercises:

  1. Nothing specific tonight

Joint Mobility Exercises:

  1. Nothing specific tonight

Work Specific Strengthening Exercises:

  1. Nothing specific tonight


  1. one on one – just a little warm-up
    1. attacker comes in with a knife attack – defender avoids three and then disarms
  2. Same thing as 1
    1. however, defender avoids until I hit sticks together – don’t interrupt your movement in order to force a disarm
  3. Caterpillar line – back row gets attacked by front row
    1. push/punch attack – move, wave, counterattack (no knife)
    2. push/punch attack – move, wave, counter, draw knife
    3. push/punch attack – move, wave, draw knife, counter – attacker may disarm
    4. knife attack – move, counter, disarm

Self Defense Applications:

  1. Speed pyramid
    1. free form push/punch attack


  1. Next cycle we’re going to work taking down and controlling your attacker

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