Systema Class Notes – Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013

Theme for this cycle: Takedowns on the Move
Area of Focus: Integration

Class Objective(s):

1. This week the classes are going to be more dynamic than the first two weeks of the cycle
2. We’re going to work on taking people down in response to an attack and “finishing them” on the ground

Breathing Exercises:

1. Square breathing push-ups – just the one count for now
2. Square breathing squats – just the one count
3. square breathing sit-ups – just the one count

Joint Mobility Exercises:

1. Rolling forward and backward – with a partner
2. Bird dogs – good for hips and lower back

Work Specific Strengthening Exercises:

1. Lunges – forward, backward, side, and dragon


1. Pushing and waving off – one person pushing for two minutes and the other waving it off
2. 1 on 1 – one person punches the other. Move, counter punch and take them down
3. 1 on 1 – one person stabs the other – move, punch, take down and disarm
4. 1 on 1 – one person stabs the other – move, deploy your knife, counter, take down and turn over
5. 1 on 1 – one person grabs the other – move (don’t necessarily fight the grab), take down, finish

Self Defense Applications:

1. Caterpillar line of attacks


1. Taking people down is a matter of deforming them and giving them a downward impetus
2. Turning people over is a matter of giving them the correct direction and a lack of choice
3. Disarming is a matter of taking their mind off the weapon and making them think about something else

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