Systema Class Notes – Thursday, 21 Mar 2013

Theme for this cycle: Movement and Flow
Area of Focus: Integration

Class Objective(s):

  1. Continue expanding the constant movement and flow into some different attacks
  2. Work on breathing faster to move faster with faster attacks
  3. Shifting your weight is the same as moving your feet – don’t let sedentary inertia win
  4. Striking in response to faster/jerkier attacks

Breathing Exercises:

  1. Hadi’s Warm-up (I think he got this from Martin, but not certain.  Also he did this for 5 minutes each, but that’s a long warm-up)
    1. 2 minutes fast push-ups
    2. 2 minutes fast squats
    3. 2 minutes fast sit-ups
    4. 2 minutes slow push-ups
    5. 2 minutes slow squats
    6. 2 minutes slow sit-ups
    7. 2 minutes walking and breathing
    8. 2 minutes push-ups
    9. 2 minutes squats
    10. 2 minutes sit-ups

Joint Mobility Exercises:

  1. Rolling with a partner – rolling at the same time

Work Specific Strengthening Exercises:

  1. N/A


  1. Breathing in sync with your movement
    1. walking at different speeds – breathing at different speeds
    2. Breathe your attacker in, and exhale him out
    3. Exhale through the entire attack.
  2. Striking to cause movement in you
    1. From Headlocks
    2. From Guillotines
  3. Striking to cause movement in your attacker
    1. Headlocks
    2. Guillotines

Self Defense Applications:


  1. This is the end of Week 3 – Integration/Review
  2. Next week is review/validation
  3. Bring questions and practice requests on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  4. The school is closed the first week of April for Spring Break
    1. Next week I’ll go over some things you can do to practice Systema on your own

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